Aug 4, 2009

Weird (oh)

The problem with "New Age" spirituality is that it's weird.

You don't have to wander far before the stuff gets spooky or just flat-out ridiculous. Animal psychics, mediums channeling 3,000 year old sages, aura diagnostics, magnets, angels, fairies, spirit guides. Once that fairies door opens, leprechauns, werewolves & UFOs can't be far behind.

As a spiritual seeker, I've dabbled. Mysticism is a strong leaning in me. I believe in the interconnectedness of all things. When you add quantum physics & the boatload of phenomena science has yet to explain to the mix, there's stuff out there that frankly blows my mind. It appeals to both the scifi geek & deep prayer/trance meditator in me.

I picked up some crystals once because they're beautiful rocks. What's the harm in having something pretty to remind me to stay positive & not neglect my creativity? I meditated with the crystals in my hand. I even positioned them on my "chakras" a time or two. Frankly, I did notice "something" (tingling, internal pulling). But was it "crystal energy", the power of suggestion or my body reacting because I've got a cold rock sitting on my sacral chakra?

So how'd I end up with this interest in "new age" spirituality? I've been experiencing mysterious & persistent time prompts on a regular basis for 2 years. Coincidentally glancing at the clock at exactly 1:11 or 2:22. Waking up at exactly 3:33 or 4:44 or 5:55 almost every night. When I noticed it recurring, it "went viral" & I started seeing triple numbers everywhere (license plates, receipts, digital recorder, headlines, online, books). What do you call it when you have dozens of "coincidences" repeating like that month after month? I call it a pattern.

I Googled 777 synchronicity and got a hodge podge of weirdery. Some of it's cool (realizing how many people are experiencing the time prompts). Some of it is asylum stuff. Some people assemble around the world at sacred sites to dance & meditate to open the otherworldly "gates" on earth so we can reach the "critical mass" of earthlings who are spiritually awakened. In 2012 (12/12/12 @ 11:11 am to be precise), an evolutionary leap in human consciousness will take place (aka "the shift") . Those of us who are "awake" will "ascend" to another realm of consciousness. The spiritually unaware may be stuck here in a post-apocalyptic hell on earth.

I don't believe spirituality is one size fits all, so I'm pretty tolerant when it comes to people's religious beliefs as long as harm against others is not advocated. While some of the new age stuff "rings true" to me because of my spiritual experiences (I've seen stuff that should not be possible), most of this stuff just goes too far. Like the Christian who "cherry picks" scripture to live by, I navigate the New Age seas by hanging onto the stuff that's useful (affirmations, visualizations for healing) & ignoring the rest.

Since I only believe "a little bit" in the New Age weirdery, I like to think that makes me only "a little bit" weird. (those who knew me as "a little bit weird" to begin with... you just hush!)

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