Sep 3, 2011

Reality TV Hacks

The definition of hack (noun): one who produces banal and mediocre work in the hope of gaining commercial success...

I refuse to have a conversation about the Real Housewives series. I refuse to talk about them as if  they're real. As if I know them personally. As if I don't have a life.

I know when I watch that garbage on BRAVO that I'm watching garbage. When I finally kicked my "Real World" habit at 34, I really thought I was free.

Where in the world did they find such a group of shallow, self-absorbed bimbos? And why the hell can't I ignore it when even worse franchises (Basketball Wives) pop up starring an even more immature, narcissistic group of wannabe celebs?

If our 22nd century descendants want proof of when America went to hell in a handbasket, show 'em Basketball Wives.


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