Aug 2, 2009

The Missing L

*** you are entering the tmi zone ***

My libido went MIA about 4 months ago. I started catastrophizing, envisioning the worst case scenario. Are my ovaries ok? Maybe I'm perimenopausal. But I'm only 36! If it was just stress from the job I quit 4 months ago, things should be back online by now, shouldn't they?

Maybe the reason is I'm out of shape, so I started doing "everything right". Eating right (lean proteins, lots of veggies, dialing back on the caffeine & dairy). Hitting the gym at least 4 days/week. Chugging H2O like a camel with empty humps. Vitamins. Flax seed. Fruit & vegetable juices. The works. Still, I got nothing but flatline from the waist down. Last week, I thought dammit, this has gone on long enough. I want my drive back!

So I went to see my GYN. Dr. J is a handsome, affable, charming, 50-something Jewish man. He brings this 400 watt energy into the exam room when he enters. He's the kind of person you're instantly comfortable with (BIG plus because you don't know him so well and you have no panties on under that paper lap sheet). You can't help but like him.

He chats me up while he does his thing, examines my boobs, takes a peek, takes a probe, takes a sample, then asks if he can get personal. Do I still love the guy or is he a schmuck? This problem is VERY common in his patients - most times, it's not hormonal, it's emotional. I explain yes, there's still love there, but we've been together 15 years. Might be a simple case of "the thrill is gone". He refers me to get a mammogram, sends me to get my blood drawn, and promises to call me with the results of my hormone levels in 10 days.

It took all of 8 minutes.

The thing is, other than stick his finger in my butt, he didn't DO anything. But sure enough, my libido has been miraculously resurrected (it's not 100% back to normal yet but the desire is at least there).

Hmm. Is there a secret "on" switch "back there" no one ever mentioned before? Unless you count the speculum insertion, there was no G-spot action. So what exactly was "the fix"?

In my experience, most docs are technicians not healers. Energetically, something goes on in the presence of a true healer so "healing" takes place. Call me crazy but I think my GYN is a true healer. Because he managed to jump start my libido in under 10 minutes. And all it took was an old-fashioned "digital probe"! It reminds me of something I read a long time ago about how Victorian era doctors used to "cure anxiety" in women with pelvic "massages" (vibrators were a popular curative advertised in women's magazines).

The moral of this story & my heartfelt advice: If you ever experience drops in your drive and your GYN is a true healer (& good looking to boot)... keep him, girl, keep him!

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