Dec 31, 2009

Enough Belly

I signed up to take a belly dancing class. Even from the neck up, you can tell from my pic I ain't small. I have enough belly foryou, me and a couple of other folks. Even my neighbor friend, who missed her life calling as cheerleader, motivator life coach, got a strange look on her face when I told her I was finally going to do it. I registered & my class starts in January. Like next week.

I've been watching this amazing dancer named Sadie on YouTube to prepare. Now, at 37, having had 2 children, wtih gray hair, stretch marks & all, I don't look "nuttin like 'er". I don't move like her, smile like her, resemble her in anyway. And I'm beginning to realize my secret fantasy of being a femme fatale on the level of Angelina Jolie may forever remain... a fantasy. But bellydancing is something I've always wanted to try. And I'm going into 2010 with goals, renewed energy and a determination to do things that interest me. (sidenote: thankfully, I actually have interests again. I finally shook off the moderate depression I'd been slowdancing with on & off for 6 months). So I found a hip scarf at Ross. I downloaded 20 great belly dancing songs on itunes. I have a top that's flattering, not too revealing, and cut to flatter my fuller figure. I am "read' t'go".

I don't think it'll be pretty at first. But I've seen pix of some of the women who take these classes. I'm not the first obese babe to take one of these classes... and I won't be the last.

Even fat girls want to shake what our mamas gave us...


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