Aug 26, 2009

Being 37 Means

  • I trust my gut.
  • I don't "should" on myself anymore.
  • I can feel drawn to man without sexualizing the connection.
  • Lots of stuff is really starting to sag.
  • I drop what drains me... without apology.
  • My world view is wider, wiser, saner.
  • I can see the bad thought habits that helped me cope as a child but now hold me back.
  • Hair is sprouting where it shouldn't and turning gray in surprising places.
  • For every wrong turn there are lessons learned.
  • I recognize the start of a "kick me when I'm down" thought cycle and I can actually say to myself "shut up ego"... and the negative spiral will stop (sometimes even in mid-sentence).
  • I laugh at myself at times because I get sick n tired of my own damn bullsh*t.
  • I understand my cycle of creativity & energy.
  • I listen better to the wisdom of my body.
  • Patterns repeat in our lives until we pass the test.
  • Knowing what I suck at (and no longer needing to forgive myself for it).
  • Having faith that when a thing is meant to be, a "missed opportunity" will present itself again.
  • The time for my next incarnation to begin is now.

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