Dec 16, 2011

I Believe

I believe we are all good. I believe we arrive into this world whole. I believe we are born into this world to be broken. I believe we have many tests. I believe our entire journey, beginning to end, every failure, every triumph, every betrayal, every devastation are part of our Creator's plan. I believe we are supposed to be broken and healed. I believe we are all one, a collective one, and all connected. I believe the world is very different than what we can see and touch and hear. I believe love is at the beginning & end of our life & there is nothing more important. I believe love is the essence of who we are. It holds the universe together. It binds molecules. It holds planets in orbit. I believe God is Love.

I believe we can make a difference right where we are. I believe a wasted life is one where you don't strive to make a difference in anyone's life other than your own. I believe a wasted life is one where the person is so shut down, they don't open up for anyone, for light to come in. I believe in God. I believe God is with me now. I believe in the Holy Spirit. I believe God's mark is in my brain, my DNA, in my cells.

I believe terrible times are ahead - that we are entering a season of great turmoil. Great upheaval. Wars & pestilence. Threats great enough to end human existence. But I believe it's not too late. I believe in Hope. I must... or else I may as well lie down & die right now.

I must believe in Hope... without it, what else is there?

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