Dec 13, 2011

I Am Done With...

I found this anonymous comment in response to a blog I stumbled across one day.  I wish I knew who wrote this... I wish I could find the blog where this comment appeared... I wish I had written it.

Ghandi said, “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” Christian churches have one problem: They are filled with people. People are imperfect. Christ came to give God's grace to imperfect people. Church is like a private club created only for those unworthy of membership. A person who is done with Christianity, but not done with Christ- seems to be someone who is fed up with the imperfections of Christian people. They would rather relate to people in a strictly secular way. That way they may avoid disappointment by dismissing expectations of perfection. I have also noticed in myself, that I very much prefer to be in the presence of people who are like Jesus, so I don't have to be. The less the people around me are like Jesus, the more I have to be like Jesus (someone's got to, for people to get along), and this costs me a lot in a personal way.

I do not have the luxury of being done with Christianity, because this is the way God led me. It places me where I have to put up with other peoples' imperfections, and where my own imperfections show more clearly. It only works when you find a church where people love one another in spite of ourselves. This happens when people feel led of God, and we're stuck here together for better or worse, so we might as well love each other. Then, when I get fed up with the people, I remind myself that my church attendance and loyalty isn't about people, but something I do to worship God. When you spend time with people for the main purpose of seeking God, you might start to see in the people, in the least of them, the most difficult to get along with, the mysterious thing that God evidently sees in each of us that made Jesus want to hang on a cross and die for us. I guess that didn't work for you. I hope you try it again sometime. God Bless.

August 14, 2010 6:04 PM

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