Sep 3, 2010

Africa should change your life

Visiting Africa should change your life.

Dr. Mudavanha (the Africentric father figure/mentor who guided me through the obstacle course of my developing racial identity) said all Black Americans should travel to West Africa. When Black Americans visit Africa, it either makes them more African or more American. Can you see yourself living here?

Imagine what your life would be like if your ancestors didn't survive the Middle Passage or were never captured or kidnapped into slavery. Could this be you?

Envision yourself living in Nigeria. It should be easy because Nigerians look like us (it's probably more correct to say we look like them.). Stay in Lagos long enough, I guarantee you'll see someone who looks like your cousin, your high school sweetheart, your brother, your uncle... maybe even you.

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Cubby said...

Hello Sister,

Dr. Mudavanha was also my surrogate father, along with a number of others. I met him during his years teaching at Suffolk University in Boston. I would like to connect with you, if you are willing. My contact info is 404.604.8781 and He named me "Kwesi", but I am now Kwabena since I was actually born on Tuesday. I'd love to talk with you about our father. - Kwabena


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