Aug 18, 2010

The African/Asian story un-wound (in me)

In my life, my body belongs to Africa. I make love to it. My womb has nurtured its seed. My breasts have nursed two of its daughters.

In my dreams, my heart belongs to Asia. The photos & images that transfix me are always Asian. Even my breath goes still at the vision. Rice paddies dotted with ox carts & small women in cone shaped hats bent over at the waist, immersed to their ankles in muddy water. Slender limbed, dark skinned women trudging dusty roads, draped in vividly colored saris, bangles ascending each arm. They carry water on their head. They stare without smiling as they pass.

I traveled this summer to Africa & Asia. And I came away with a deeper understanding of me than I ever had before. I learned some things, was surprised by some things, settled some things, became wiser about some things. The next few posts will highlight some of these insights. I hope no one finds it too boring.

Til next time.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Rush hour traffic in Siem Reap

Ilesha, Nigeria
Lagos, Nigeria

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