Jan 12, 2010

New Year, New Thing

I've been simple.
I've been still.
I've been a true seeker - seeking the One Truth in all the threads of wisdom & belief available to me.
I've prayed.
I've observed countless synchronicities.
I've spotted those time prompts and digital prompts and universal nudges urging me to...
  • Balance.
  • Wake Up.
  • Bring Beauty.
  • Heal.
  • Be Authentic.
  • Ask Questions.
  • Embrace the Me I Be.
  • Learn People's Stories.
  • Share Culture.
  • Be the Bridge.
The seeker has sought... and sought... and sought...

The seeker has had just about enough.

What happens when the seeker stops seeking? I love the process, don't get me wrong. New discovery is as welcome & thrilling as going on a foreign adventure (not that I've ever actually been on one). New discovery is an adventure to me.

But all this seeking & researching & digging & scouring the internet & bookstores have all lead me to one conclusion...

I have a REAL problem with focus.

My season to seek is coming to a close. It may open again in the future. For now, the next new thing for me is:
  • Achievement.
  • Focus.
  • Order.
  • Apprehend the Dream.
  • Master Habits of Success.
It's time to build the dream - bring it out of the realm of creation into the land of form.

Let the beauty of the Lord be upon me and establish the work of my hands...

1 comment:

Seeker said...

Only one word needed -- AMEN!


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