Jul 23, 2009

What's In A Purpose?

Oprah said, "tell a story so people feel something... people don't do anything until they feel something."

As a writer, the truth of that statement was like a mandate. I love nothing better than to hole up in a room for hours with a great book. That was how I spent most of my teens & 20s. But in my 30s, my love for fiction was replaced by a love of new discovery.

I ask lots of questions. I want to know where you come from, what language you speak, how you feel about God, what's your ethnicity, (if foreign born) how do you see America, Americans, the American way of life, how did an experience change you, how do you understand an event in light of your spiritual beliefs?

I don't want to read words on a page so much as I want to read YOU.

I'm looking for the all the ways we can connect even though we're so different. Especially because we're so different. That diversity of experience & perspective is thrilling... like the old thrill of starting a new novel.

Six years ago, I was healed of depression. But there are negative thought habits that I've been working on in the years since my "transformation". My healing is ongoing. It involves reviewing my life story to see how & why I came to believe what I believe.

Stories are a recurrent theme for me, connecting me to healing... to others... to meaning & wisdom... to my passion... to beauty... to my community... to my authentic me... and ultimately to God.

Now, all I want is for others (who need it) to be opened ("unlocked") the way I was.

So the answer to the question (& the reason for the blog) is simple: stories & healing.

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